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“Of all the injustices, lack of access to healthcare is the most inhumane.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Healthcare isn’t just access to doctor appointments, medications or treatments. Healthcare is taking care of the whole person. Medical, dental, vision, hearing, reproductive care, and mental health are all parts of the whole of healthcare, and that list is by no means complete.

The current United States healthcare system is broken: We now spend 18% of our entire GDP (that’s 18 cents of EVERY dollar) on healthcare in the US. Here in Washington, many live without access to the care they need. Further, those receiving the care often are forced into bankruptcy or must turn to crowdfunding platforms like "Go Fund Me" to pay for lifesaving services.

Our current healthcare “non-system,” has convinced me that we must stand up to do better for our people - all of our people. 

I’ve experienced the shortcomings of America’s “non-system” firsthand. My second daughter Addison died hours after her birth. My wife and I left the hospital with a heavy emotional load, as well as a major financial burden. Many American families have experienced what happens after a tragic event, and my family is among them. This “double trauma” is by no means unique. Many American families have had similar issues. This shouldn’t happen in the most prosperous nation on Earth. 

As a member of Congress, I will work with the best and brightest minds in healthcare towards building a better system. I will vote for reforms that make progress towards universal healthcare coverage, whether those changes are large or small. If we must deal with changes incrementally, so be it. But we must move forward to reduce the poor outcomes too many American experience.

Every aspect of our lives depends on our health and far too many people suffer needlessly from the inequity that is built into our current national healthcare “non-system.” 

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