Brent Hennrich for WA-03

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I believe that healthcare reform will benefit everyone and heal Washington. 


Many American families have had traumatic experiences with what happens after a tragic event, my family among them. Our current healthcare “non-system,” has convinced me that we must stand up to do better for our people - all of our people.  


I ask you to join me in making access to good healthcare a universal right in our country.


This is immoral and must be fixed!


Brent Hennrich

Candidate for Congress WA-03


“Of all the injustices, lack of access to healthcare is the most inhumane.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



HEALTHCARE, it is all about healthcare. Mental Health, Women's Health, Preventative Health, Public Health, Pediatric Health, every aspect of our lives depend on our health and far too many suffer needlessly from the inequity that is built into our current national healthcare “non-system.” 


All of the people of our country need access to effective and affordable healthcare. While I do not currently have all the answers to the problems that exist in our healthcare system, as a member of Congress I will work with the best and brightest minds and practitioners in healthcare to build a better system. I will vote for reforms, large and small, to make progress towards a universal healthcare coverage system.


In my view, everything points back to Healthcare. Education, high quality jobs, the environment, housing, and even defense of our country, all directly affect the health of our people. Here is why our current United States healthcare system is broken: We now spend 18% of our entire GDP (that’s EVERY dollar) on healthcare in the US, and many millions of people in our country live without access to the care they need. Further, those who have access often still have to claim bankruptcy and use Go Fund Me to pay for lifesaving services.

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