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“Of all the injustices, lack of access to healthcare is the most inhumane.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There has never been a better time to #FlipWA03 from Red to Blue!

For far too long, our incumbent representative has been inaccessible to the people she represents
. Her vote to impeach the former president laid bare the rift in the Republican Party  and now she is being challenged  by Trump backed candidates - and losing. 

I believe that healthcare reform will benefit everyone and heal Washington. 
Many American families have had traumatic experiences with what happens after a tragic event, my family among them. Our current healthcare “non-system,” has convinced me that we must stand up to do better for our people - all of our people.  
As a proud Democrat I ask you to join me in pushing to make access to good healthcare a universal right in our country.

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Let's Heal Washington!

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Why me?
Because I care!

It's time Washington's Third district had a Representative in Congress who is in touch with the people they represent, the values they hold and the issues that affect them most.  One that is actually accessible and happy to hear from constituents.

I believe that I am that Candidate. 

I have lived in SW Washington for the majority of my life, and I have a life of experiences that cannot be taught. I love the people and culture of sw Washington and Congressional District 03 is my family's Chosen home.  I have a household where the coffee is always ready to go on, and friends and strangers alike are asked, "How can I help?"

I am not one to find someone else to take care of an issue. I would rather roll up my sleeves and learn how to fix a problem than to have someone do it for me.

If I don't know you, I want to.

If I can help you, I will. 


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