Oregon Tolling

The Columbia River has two sides. One side includes Washington’s Third Congressional District. As a candidate for the Washington side of the Columbia, I am against any bridge project that would require tolls to pay for it.


Oregon’s suggestion that a replacement Interstate 5 bridge be paid for by drivers is truly the third rail of Southwest Washington politics. There can be no tolling!
The federal government has a responsibility to keep our country safe and to put infrastructure in place that allows us to move freely from state to state. The I-5 bridge is every bit the definition of a federal roadway, as it connects two states over a waterway. 

Keep in mind, it won’t be just residents and tourists using a new bridge. It will also be trucking companies that carry goods to market. Toll costs will be passed along to the consumer. Further, once a toll is in place the tendency is to keep it there at ever increasing costs. For example, the original passenger vehicle toll for the Golden Gate Bridge was .50 cents plus a nickel for every passenger above five people. Today it costs $8 per automobile and there are plans afoot to raise it even higher. People claim there could be “sunset” clauses, but history illustrates how frequently “sunset” never comes.

Congress needs to step up and provide funding to replace our failing interstate bridge. Currently there are no tolls from the Canadian border to the Mexican border on I-5, and I will see to it that any funding that comes for a replacement bridge would not allow for any sort of tolling on I-5.