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  • Brent Hennrich

Bringing the Fight to Them

Today I debated the Trump endorsed "America First" GQP candidate Joe Kent for the 2nd time.

We debated on the Lars Larson Show, so it's safe to say I brought the Fight to the Right.

Why would I do this?

Though many of its members act like toddlers, ignoring the reach and effect of the Right Wing Media Machine won’t make it stop.

It's clear to me that we cannot afford to ignore that audience and leave them to their echo chamber. In my humble opinion, this is one of the many factors that has led to the recent proliferation of Right-Wing Extremism.

WA-03 is a very purple district, and to win it we will need the support of voters from all walks of life - even a few of those we often disagree with - Lars Larson has an audience of listeners we wouldn’t otherwise reach - and a large one at that.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not a fan of "The Lars Larson Show" in the slightest, but with 20 years on the air and an audience estimated to be over 4 million listeners, the notion that I am responsible for "legitimatizing him" by appearing on his show is absurd.

As a representative for WA-03, (or any district for that matter,) one must represent all of the district, not only those who voted for them. I am the candidate that will do that.

Like many Americans, I feel that conspiracy theory touting personalities like Lars Larson and extreme candidates like Joe Kent are terrible for our great Nation, but allowing them to enjoy their echo chamber with no other viewpoints, pushback or opposing views is no longer an option.

Right wing media is partially responsible tearing our nation apart at the seams.

I took the fight to them on their turf. And I'll do it again.

You can listen to that fight here

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