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  • Brent Hennrich

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day was first proposed as an opportunity for a "teach-in" moment, shadowing the many sit-ins utilized on college campuses across the country to raise awareness for many issues and especially about the war in Vietnam.

It was Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, a conservationist/ environmentalist ahead of his time, who would suggest the idea of an Earth Day observation on April 22, 1970.

Fifty-two years later, his foresight is acknowledged in cleanups, lectures, peaceful demonstrations and planting initiatives on this day, each year.

While the Earth has support life for 4.5 billion years, the last 150 years of mankind's influence have drastically altered the terrain and atmosphere more than all of the millennia combined that preceded our presence on the planet. As much as the Earth is seen as a mother to life, it is we who must be her caretakers and not the other way around. We have done too much to challenge the balance so necessary to life's existence on our home in space and we have to take more than one day to promote awareness and plans for real change to maintain life for thousands of years to come.

From the challenges of over-population to natural resource exploration and removal from the Earth's crust and use of fossil fuels almost exclusively for energy and transportation have placed a burden that must be overcome in our path. These causal issue have had an effect that is our responsibility to reduce, rectify and reverse.

I look forward to a day when our descendants value the Earth for what it is; a delicate balance requiring the ultimate care and respect to enjoy the best of life here. To get there, we need real, scientifically supported initiatives to promote and produce renewable sources of energy. We must examine the decisions of how we alter the natural environment to accommodate mankind, not from a financial view only but a view of impact on future life. We need green design in building to ensure finite resources can be replaced with better and safer alternatives. From personal vehicles to public transportation,

optional sources of powering them must consider those that are less polluting and more durable.

Climate change is a very real, life threatening and imminent problem and I am eager to get to work making it a problem of the past.

Happy Earth Day, today and every day.

We must continue the work to negate and reverse the effects of climate change by investing in renewable energies and creating jobs in new energy sectors. We can do this here in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District once we #FlipWA03

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