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  • Brent Hennrich


It is with a heavy heart today that I send my most sincere hope for peace to the people of Ukraine, as well as all Ukrainian Americans in Washington and across the country.

Last night’s unprovoked, full-scale invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign territory by the military forces of Russia, must not be allowed to stand. Ukraine is a free country with a democratically elected government. The people of their country deserve nothing less than the full support of every free nation in the world. Support must come in many forms, from military aid to the most forceful economic and diplomatic sanctions that governments can impose.

There is no room in this world for such brazen attacks and Russia must face consequences. I look forward to a day, hopefully in the not too distant future; that Ukraine will once again be the free and peaceful country they worked so hard to be.

Anybody who does not declare clearly that Russia is the aggressor in this matter or that says it is anyone’s fault besides Vladimir Putin’s does not respect the rule of law and the necessity of democratically chosen liberty in this world.

In the coming days, my team and I will be researching and vetting ways to provide aid and comfort to the citizens of the Ukraine affected by this Russian aggression.

-Brent Hennrich

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