• Brent Hennrich

Ukraine - How can we help?

I stand with the people of Ukraine and you can too by supporting these organizations dedicated to providing assistance to the people of Ukraine International Rescue Committee - https://bit.ly/3vjRz95 The IRC is working to quickly mobilize resources and connect with partners in Ukraine and Poland to establish a response that will provide life-saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency - https://bit.ly/3t4djD8 The UNHCR is working with the authorities, UN and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance wherever necessary and possible. They are also working with governments in neighboring countries, calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection. CARE - https://bit.ly/3IoOIPY In partnership with People in Need, CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund aims to reach four million people with emergency assistance – particularly innocent families, women and girls, and the elderly who are likely to suffer the most by this crisis. Project HOPE - https://bit.ly/3snoGai Project HOPE is actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to affected areas. They are also activating an emergency response team in Ukraine to provide immediate health and humanitarian relief. United Help Ukraine - https://bit.ly/3M0YYA6 United Help Ukraine provides assistance to many in Ukraine by providing medical supplies for those injured in Ukraine and helping organize clothing drives for the families that lost their loved ones. GlobalGiving - https://bit.ly/3hhUU0b Global Giving is an organization that provides financial assistance to local organizations in Ukraine to assist relief efforts. Currently, they are helping fund projects to provide assistance and medical care to children in Ukraine and ensure that Ukrainian refugees are able to get a fresh start.

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