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People always want to talk about spending, and not the self-inflicted wounds decades crippling tax cuts have wrought upon us.
Let’s think about spending in terms we all can understand. If one makes $5,000 a month, but spends $6,000, one has a deficit. By the same token, if your roof has a leak and you have to go into debt to fix it you are protecting your investment. Whether debt is good or bad depends on how you spend your money. If you keep giving money to your freeloader friend or buying things you don’t need you will always be in debt. If you make sure your home is safe and dry, over time it is likely your home’s value will be retained and may even increase. 


The federal budget requires income to offset spending, yet we currently spend more than we take in. Surely cuts can be made to limit our spending. We can also reduce spending by keeping tabs on what needs to be fixed now so we’re not faced with an even larger bill later. In federal terms this means asking the rich to pay their fair share in taxes, not purchasing weaponry we don’t need at inflated prices, and repairing our infrastructure so that next time there’s a major ice storm or hurricane we’re not paying triple to repair the damage.

That’s why we need to fix taxes and protect our national investments. Just saying there is a large deficit without acknowledging why is just blowing a dog whistle in an echo chamber.

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